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The publications of the Association Française des Orchestres reflect the issues and concerns of the orchestral world. They are aimed at both the general public and professionals.

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Document stratégique "Orchestres 2030"

Dans ce document, la profession énonce 23 propositions stratégiques pour l'orchestre de demain.

Orchestras 2020" strategy paper

This strategic document represents the challenges facing the sector up to 2020.

The orchestra primer

In 59 articles, this guide will complete your musical culture with humor and light-heartedness.

Guide to hearing risk prevention in acoustic music practice

This guide will help you understand the possible effects of music on the ear and how to prevent them.

European Orchestras Forum (2005)

This book presents the proceedings of the first conference of the European Orchestras Forum, held from June 22 to 25, 2005.

The orchestra in the city

This book presents the proceedings of the second international forum of French orchestras, held on June 26 and 27, 2003.

Lend an ear!

The white paper on orchestras' educational activities.

Orchestras in the present

This book presents a synthesis of the issues at stake for an entire profession.

Editorial partnerships

A mosaic audience

This book compiles the results of the two parts of the audience survey (2013 - 2018) and reveals a mosaic of audiences, far from preconceived ideas!

Let the music flow!

Playful, graphic, modern and for all generations, this special issue invites parents and children to discover the instruments, codes and backstage features of the orchestra.

The orchestra, from instruments to music

An essential book for discovering the orchestra, its instruments and its sounds!

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