A mosaic audience

Publisher: Editions de l'Attribut

Year: 2021

Pages : 272 pages

Published in collaboration with theAssociation Française des Orchestres and theAristat agency .

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Is the symphonic music public as monolithic and monochrome as it is generally portrayed? Nothing is less certain...

With this in mind, the authors of this book set out to meet orchestra audiences across France. In the course of their research and discussions with passionate music lovers curious about the most cutting-edge works, with more distant enthusiasts in love with the great works of the repertoire, and with occasional spectators amazed to be able to listen to a Mozart symphony in concert, they discovered a plural and disparate audience. The composition of this audience evolves according to the region and its socio-demographic context, the history of each cultural institution and the color of its programming...

This survey deconstructs the traditional image of the orchestra-goer, and reveals the mosaic of audiences who frequent today's major concert halls. 

A living cultural practice, fascinating in its richness and complexity, the classical concert is, in many respects, firmly rooted in its time. 

A book by Xavier Zunigo and Loup Wolff, in collaboration with Thomas Bouget and Fabien Guilleminet. Preface by Philippe Fanjas.