Mentoring program

The mentoring program is open to all interested students in composition classes and specialized institutions from initial to higher education.

This program is divided into two different modalities (the national mentoring program and local schemes) and aims to encourage young artists to write for the orchestra.

In partnership with Maison de la Musique Contemporaine,Orchestre Français des Jeunes and with the support of Sacem.

Local initiatives: discovering the orchestra

They are the fruit of collaboration between participating orchestras and partner conservatories, and the way they are implemented can vary from one region to another.

The national scheme: supporting the desire to write

Students whose projects are the most advanced have access, by selection, to a national mentoring scheme. The program focuses on professionalization, with group and individual workshops organized by the Maison de la Musique Contemporaine, the Orchestre Français des Jeunes and the Association
Française des Orchestres.

Application and selection

For local mentorships

Participation conditions depend on each orchestra.

For national mentoring

Plus d'informations à venir.

The calendar

For local mentorships

Establishment of local partnerships
SEPTEMBER 2023 - JUNE 2024
Implementation of program activities

For national mentoring

Ouverture des candidatures
MARS 2024
Clôture des candidatures
Désignation des mentorés
AVRIL 2024 - ETE 2025
Mise en œuvre des activités du programme

Avec le soutien de

Et en partenariat avec