Societal impact

What you need to know

Although often invoked, the societal impact of the orchestra remained little analysed and insufficiently highlighted until 2019. Indeed, the most frequent measurement devices focus mainly on budgetary data, reducing culture to the sole issue of public funding.

Culture - including music - must be able to assert that it is a factor of emancipation, socialisation, citizenship and fraternity.

The study commissioned by the French Association of Orchestras from the Kimso consultancy therefore meets a triple need:

  • To give an account of a whole area of orchestral activity, thanks to the unprecedented perspective of the social and solidarity economy;
  • To highlight the plurality of partners involved, directly or indirectly, in the cultural, social, political and economic fields;
  • In this way, to confirm the commitment of orchestras in the widest societal field.

AFO studies and key figures

The societal role of orchestras (2019)

National report

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