Guide to hearing risk prevention in acoustic music practice

Author: Christian Meyer-Bisch

Published by : AFO Editions

Year : 2007

Pages : 45

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Today, everyone agrees that there is a hearing risk associated with the production of music, even non-amplified music. To prevent this risk, without over-dramatizing it, it is essential to understand the sound load inherent in music, to know how the ear works, and to look at the means of prevention - themes developed in this guide.

After completing his medical training with studies in statistics, biophysics and toxicology, Christian Meyer-Bisch joined INRS as an epidemiologist. In 1991, he turned his attention to prevention, particularly among musicians, and was awarded the Epidaure prize for a study on exposure to music. In 1996, he set up a specialized consultation at Hôpital Beaujon (Paris).