Let the music flow!

Publisher: Grain de sel

Year: 2013

Pages : 13 pages

To purchase this book, please contact the AFO.


For the 2013 edition of Orchestres en fête! the Association Française des Orchestres and Editions Grains de sel have teamed up to create a special edition of Georges "En avant la Musique", based on the theme of orchestras and music, in keeping with Georges' universe.

Playful, graphic, modern and for all generations, this special issue invites parents and children to discover the instruments, codes and backstage features of the orchestra.

It is presented in three parts:

  • true STORIES, short, long or upside down.
  • GAMES to color, calculate or decipher.
  • RUBRIQUES-À-BRAC to discover trades, foreign languages, film scenes or scientific experiments, and always in a wacky way!